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> pin...@iro.umontreal.ca (François Pinard) writes:
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> > Should I say, I notice a strong correlation between rotten software and
> > the lack of attention to such details.  I'm not saying that avoiding
> > trailing white space is a guarantee of good software.  But I'm saying
> > that people unwilling to pay attention to details are not prone to pay
> > attention for a lot of other things, which is not good for software.
> What is interesting, to me, is that some of these details come down to
> style preferences *and* that these preferences can change dramatically
> over time.  I have been programming for 35+ years and it's scary to see
> how my preferences have changed, sometimes cycling several times with a
> period of 5 or more years!
> I am thinking especially about things like indentation rules, blank
> lines, multi-line versus single line comments, variable names, case
> (cf. this thread), etc.  Of course, the language in use affects the
> choices available but there are always choices, none of which is
> automatically and permanently correct.
> cheers,
> eric
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Thanks for the awesome Donald Knuth Video François, a must watch for folks
who love TeX and its wrappers.

Don't have much to say for the Caps convention, except that the criterion
suggested by Bastien seems fair enough.


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