Achim Gratz <> writes:

> Well, that is likely because you run the test on uncompiled source,
> while I am running it on compiled orgmode... maybe one of these pesky
> byte-compiler warnings shouldn't have been ignored.  I can't reproduce
> the 24 unexpected results, but they probably have a similar origin
> (partially compiled orgmode?).

It's possible. I have two different Org installations. One compiled for
my work, and the other, uncompiled for development. Both are latest git

When batch running tests on my compiled Org, I get:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
Ran 130 tests, 105 results as expected, 25 unexpected (2012-03-04 15:42:25+0100)
9 expected failures

25 unexpected results:
   FAILED  ob-emacs-lisp/commented-last-block-line-no-var
   FAILED  ob-emacs-lisp/commented-last-block-line-with-var
   FAILED  ob-exp/exports-both
   FAILED  ob-exp/mixed-blocks-with-exports-both
   FAILED  ob-exp/noweb-no-export-and-exports-both
   FAILED  ob-exp/noweb-on-export
   FAILED  ob-exp/noweb-on-export-with-exports-results
   FAILED  ob-exp/noweb-strip-export-ensure-strips
   FAILED  test-ob-lob/do-not-eval-lob-lines-in-example-blocks-on-export
   FAILED  test-ob-sh/dont-error-on-empty-results
   FAILED  test-ob/commented-last-block-line-no-var
   FAILED  test-ob/commented-last-block-line-with-var
   FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-default
   FAILED  test-org-babel/combining-scalar-and-raw-result-types
   FAILED  test-org-babel/elisp-in-header-arguments
   FAILED  test-org-babel/inline-src-blocks
   FAILED  test-org-babel/inline-src_blk-default-results-replace-line-1
   FAILED  test-org-babel/just-one-results-block
   FAILED  test-org-babel/multi-line-header-arguments
   FAILED  test-org-babel/parse-header-args
   FAILED  test-org-babel/parse-header-args2
   FAILED  test-org-babel/simple-named-code-block
   FAILED  test-org-babel/simple-variable-resolution
   FAILED  test-org-footnote/normalize-outside-org
   FAILED  test-org-table/simple-formula
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

So, indeed, the second failing test appears.  It should pass now (at
least it does even on my compiled Org installation).

I think the others come from a file-error ("Opening output file").

Thanks for your help.


Nicolas Goaziou

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