John Hendy <> wrote:

> Jeepers. If I had just followed through with the outcome of the thread
> we were *both* already on!
> -
> Of course I find it only after having this drawn out troubleshooting exercise.

But you would have missed all the fun :-)

I didn't even remember this thread: my involvement was a complete
surprise - not sure whether that's a :-) or a :-( ...

> I looked as I thought I could find a Worg page this might fit on... If
> it sounds good, I'll add a note for Windows users on ob-doc-R:
> -
> Sound good? I can point to both mailing list entries and note my need
> for a custom path due to 64bit setup and making sure to include the
> right arguments to the R command.

What Eric said: anything that would make it easier in the future is worth it.


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