> Update: I'm on 64bit and just now realized there's another set of R
> cmds in ../R-2.15.0/bin/x64/. This is what I needed.
> Now my problem is that using R along doesn't produce any output. With
> the above modification, I get:
> ,---
> | Fatal error: you must specify '--save', '--no-save' or '--vanilla'
> `---
> I'm quite close! If I add --no-save, I get exported results but they
> include all of the R preamble text from when it starts. Here's my
> block for reference:
> #+begin_src R :results output org :exports results
> x <- c(1:10)
> summary(x)
> #+end_src

The default value for org-babel-R-command is "R --slave --no-save", so
maybe adding the "--slave" option to your command will remove the R
preamble text.

As for your path problems, the "~" looks like a likely culprit.  The
command is passed to an equivalent of the `shell-command-on-region'
function, which then uses a shell to run the command.  Maybe the shell
it uses can't handle the tilde?


p.s., I'm jumping into this thread part way through and didn't read all
      of the back-log, so I apologize if I'm repeating previous advice.

Eric Schulte

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