Dear org-mode users,

I've just tagged version 0.90 of my org-blog minor mode on github[1].

This is intended to be a simple but powerful assistant to using Org for
writing blog posts---there's only two commands at this point, and I
don't anticipate that number going beyond three anytime soon (though I
do have that third one planned! ;)

At the moment it only supports WordPress blogs, but the design is very
modular, and adding support for other back-ends (including, I hope,
static publishing back-ends) should be relatively painless.  If it's
not, I would be happy to change things to make it so, once I understand
the issues.

I have one outstanding bug[2], that timestamps get mangled.  I thought
I'd squashed it, but apparently not.  I need to create a test and track
that down.

The only other immediate issue I see is that it is still using the 7.8.x
exporter---converting to (or supporting in parallel if possible) the 8.0
exporter is next on my list of things to do.

I wrote a series of posts going through the implementation on my
blog[3]---all authored with org-blog itself.

Although this is the first thing I've written for Emacs outside of
hacking on my .emacs.d, I think the code is fairly clear.  I would
appreciate feedback, and would enjoy and even solicit assitance with
some things: for instance, as a Debian user, I turn out to not know
MELPA/Marmalade from a hole in the ground---so if someone was motivated
to create the changes to support package installation though emacs, I
would be quite happy to merge it. ;)

There's a TODO list of things I hope to work on, and I would be happy to
add to that as well; knowing that people are using it is going to be the
greatest motivation for things to happen---otherwise I will probably
plod along doing things in my own sweet time, since it's working pretty
well for me so far.




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