Puneeth Chaganti <puncha...@gmail.com> writes:
> Or, if it seems reasonable, we could club the two projects into a
> single one to give the users something that's better than a sum of the
> parts!

Hi, Puneeth,

While I'm not sure the structure of the two tools is really amenable to
being joined---the code is very, very different, and I am, of course,
biased toward mine ;)---it seems to me *that* a common ox-blog (or
whatever) back-end could be a good point of collaboration: it would help
jump-start getting org2blog to where it work with 8.0, and it would get
org-blog the more sophisticated export capabilities that Rafael seeks.

What I'm imagining is an exporter derived from org-html (of which I've
already got the basics done) that adds on the additional features you've
implemented in org2blog.

If you don't mind, I will start looking at the org2blog code and seeing
how cleanly I can implement these additional capabilities as handlers or
filters for the exporter---and then maybe we could look for that
back-end to live in contrib, and both our codebases could take advantage
of it?



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