Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:
> Igor Sosa Mayor <> writes:
>> Thanks Nicolas. At least, I dont feel alone anymore... Is there any
>> chance this getting fixed somehow? I used to use it very often in my
>> emails and I miss it.
> I miss it, too.
> I didn't follow recent changes to orgstruct-mode, so I cannot help
> here.  I hope that someone more knowledgeable than I am will jump in.

orgstruct(++)-mode used to set auto-fill-function to
'org-auto-fill-function.  This behaviour is too intrusive so we removed
it.  You either need to indent secondary lines by hand or set
auto-fill-function back to org-auto-fill-function.

orgstruct++'s hijacker of org-insert-heading-respect-content did not
respect item bodies.  I fixed this in master a few minutes ago.

    741bc5c * origin/master master org.el: Execute org-insert-heading
    and org-insert-heading-respect-content in orgstruct++-mode when the
    context around point is an item-body.


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