Hi Christopher,

Christopher Schmidt <christop...@ch.ristopher.com> writes:

> Most people use orgstruct{,++}-mode in message-mode, right?  I think it
> makes sense to use vanilla org here.  That is, make an indirect buffer
> of the message-mode buffer, narrow the buffer to the message body and
> set the major mode to org-mode.  

Mhh.. This looks too complex to me.

My guess is that message-mode and mail-mode are the modes where
orgstruct-mode is the most used, so having it doing what the users
expect is important.

At least there should be no regression wrt the previous behavior
of orgstruct-mode.

> This should give one all the power of
> Org, including links, footnotes, font-lock and so on, without that
> orgstruct-mess.

I sympathetize with your blame on the mess... but still, let's fix
the code, not users' behavior :)

But things are fine for me at the moment, I'll report issues if I
find some.



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