Andreas Röhler writes:

> Installing this instead should fix it:
> (defun org-open-line (n)
>    "Insert a new row in tables, call `open-line' elsewhere.
> With \C-u NUMBER `open-line' is called the common way also in table context"
>    (interactive "*P")
>    (cond (n
>           (open-line (prefix-numeric-value n)))
>          ((org-at-table-p)
>           (org-table-insert-row))
>          (t (open-line (prefix-numeric-value n)))))
> Cheers,
> Andreas

Hm, alright.  Sadly there seems to be no way to change the key (very
un-emacs like?)  So if redefining it is the way, I replaced with the
much simpler:

  (setq org-open-line 'open-line)

Much better!  Hopefully no tooling ever makes use of org-open-line,
shooting me in the foot... :)

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