On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 09:28:35PM -0500, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
> Suvayu Ali writes:
> > That said, I'm curious what is so different about org-open-line?  The
> > docstring says the following:
> >
> >   It is bound to C-o, <insertline>.
> >   
> >   (org-open-line N)
> >   
> >   Insert a new row in tables, call `open-line' elsewhere.
> >
> > So unless you are in a table, it should be the same as normal.  Is that
> > broken?  Anyway, I never use open-line myself, but I was curious after I
> > saw several people mention it on unrelated threads on a few lists.
> Right, exactly.  The way I use org-diet often involves me splitting
> apart and rejoining tables and the whole "adding a new line in between"
> is part of expected behavior for me.  The new system is driving me crazy!

Thanks, I see the use case.  I did have a similar need a few times.



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