On 17.5.2013, at 00:38, Christopher Allan Webber <cweb...@dustycloud.org> wrote:

> I really hate org-open-line... I can see why people might want it, but
> it's messed up my workflow.  I'd like to set C-o back.
> However, I have no idea what org-defkey is doing, but I expected this to
> work:
> (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "C-o") 'open-line)

This one will work if you do it in org-mode-hook.

We could also introduce a variable to turn off the special behavior,
just like we do for C-a, C-e, and C-k.  This seems to me a better
option than to introduce additional context dependencies or use
prefix arguments to influence the behavior.

- Carsten

> it isn't working!
> How to get the standard-ol-open-line behavior back?

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