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Now that 8.0 has shipped let's talk bibliography support.  This
follows directly upon the discussion around March[1].
Thanks for a great post and for taken initiative for making org-mode even better for my purposes. I started using org for writing papers a few years ago and I am not looking back. The weak point however is bibliographies, as you say.

FWIW, I will describe my use case. For drafting and when I can get away with it, I am going from org to PDF through XeLaTex, with either bibtex or more recently biber+biblatex. However, when I submit papers, in most cases they have to be in a wordprocessor format, so I am going through the ODT export here. In my current workflow this means that the bibliographie falls apart and in the end (deadlines!!) I usually cut and paste what I can get into either HTML or PDF. This is not ideal and if this can improve it would mean a lot to me.

One problem I have had with bibtex and which I am now kind of dealing with (albeit still in a hackish way) in biber+biblatex is that I need specific formatting of the entries depending on the language I am publishing in, which is mostly either English or Japanese. So for Japanese sources cited in English papers, I have to give the author and title optionally in Japanese characters, but also in romanized form and possibly in translation, whereas English sources in Japanese might require a Japanese form of the names and again a translation into Japanese. I ended up adding extra fields to my bibtex file, since no bibliographic format I know of (except TEI) would support this and still allow me to integrate it into my workflow, but the big problem lies of course in integrating this better in my workflow.

So whatever org ends up with having in terms of bibliography, I would like to work with you and however jumps in to make sure that it also fits this need (which is actually not limited to an exotic field like mine, but is quite common for academics working in East Asia).

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