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> Rasmus wrote:
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> > Now that 8.0 has shipped let's talk bibliography support.  This
> > follows directly upon the discussion around March[1].
> I did not follow the discussion in March and only skimmed through the
> recent discussion in May [2]. But I was wondering if bibliography
> support in the LaTeX exporter would be BibTex-only or if it would also
> support biblatex, for example.

Good point.

I do not use Org-mode for authoring (I'm quite happy with LaTeX itself
for that), and in LaTeX, I use neither bibtex nor biblatex; but AFAIK,
bibtex is basically dead like John Cleese's parrot.  I don't even think
that it needs to or should be supported; the faster bibtex usage fades
away, the better.

What I would suggest is to look into amsrefs manual.  The amsrefs
package was (is?) an interesting attempt at a /pure LaTeX/ solution to
the bibliography problem, not dependent on any executable other than
LaTeX.  It is not capable of sorting bibliographies, but other than
that is quite powerful (much more than bibtex, though seemingly less
than biblatex).  What is interesting here is its \ycite and \ocite
commands (see
http://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/amsrefs/amsrdoc.pdf); it
might be a good idea to support something similar.  (I'm not sure
whether biblatex supports such a thing.)

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