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> Rasmus wrote:
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> > Now that 8.0 has shipped let's talk bibliography support.  This
> > follows directly upon the discussion around March[1].
> I did not follow the discussion in March and only skimmed through the
> recent discussion in May [2]. But I was wondering if bibliography
> support in the LaTeX exporter would be BibTex-only or if it would also
> support biblatex, for example.

And to further confuse the issue, why not consider pandoc style
citations [1]?

This works right now. Create an org file:

  See [@citekey, p. 10] for more info.

(assuming a bibtex, endnote, ris, ... file that contains a cite with
key “citekey”). Export to markdown. Process in pandoc, either to

  ❤ pandoc --natbib -t latex -s --biblio test.bib

or to HTML, etc:

  ❤ pandoc -s --biblio test.bib

While it would be nice to make this work natively with org, especially
with latex output, it would be great if compatibility with pandoc
could be obtained.

best, Erik

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