> Applied, Thanks!
> I've played with APL but never seriously, however I can see it being a
> perfect tool for manipulating Org-mode tables.

It's a nice tool, and I wrote this package just to learn J faster.

I wrote some time ago a package that takes a range, maps elisp code over it
and inserts it, e.g m4(* x x) becomes 0 1 4 9 16.
Then I realized that the parens and spaces weren't really necessary
and now this works as well: m4*xx.
After learning some of J, I see that even arguments aren't necessary,
e.g. m4*: describes the same thing in J.

If you want to try the package, it's called "tiny" in MELPA.
It's got one interesting application for org-mode: schedule/deadline
an activity for a span of days:

m0\n4|** TODO Something work-related %(1+ x)\nSCHEDULED: <%(date "mon"
x) 10:00 +1w>

expands to:

** TODO Something work-related 1
SCHEDULED: <2013-12-23 Mon 10:00 +1w>
** TODO Something work-related 2
SCHEDULED: <2013-12-24 Tue 10:00 +1w>
** TODO Something work-related 3
SCHEDULED: <2013-12-25 Wed 10:00 +1w>
** TODO Something work-related 4
SCHEDULED: <2013-12-26 Thu 10:00 +1w>
** TODO Something work-related 5
SCHEDULED: <2013-12-27 Fri 10:00 +1w>

> If you have time to put some documentation up on Worg as a new [1]
> linked from [2] that'd be great.

I'll do this soon.


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