On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 10:12:24AM -0700, Eric Schulte wrote:
> Applied, Thanks!
> I've played with APL but never seriously, however I can see it being a
> perfect tool for manipulating Org-mode tables.
> If you have time to put some documentation up on Worg as a new [1]
> linked from [2] that'd be great.
> I added ob-J to the org-babel-load-languages customization variable and
> it is now compiling with make.

The org-mode build and install now fails for me due to the fact that
ob-J requires j-console, which seems to be part of the package
'j-mode', and is not part of the standard emacs.

Perhaps this should be in contrib, unless the depency on j-console can
be factored out.


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