>> I added ob-J to the org-babel-load-languages customization variable and
>> it is now compiling with make.
> The org-mode build and install now fails for me due to the fact that
> ob-J requires j-console, which seems to be part of the package
> 'j-mode', and is not part of the standard emacs.
> Perhaps this should be in contrib, unless the depency on j-console can
> be factored out.

Hi Rick,

j-console is required currently for :session eval only. Regular eval
works without it.
You can remove the top level (require 'j-console) now if you want, or I can
remove it a bit later when I get push access.
The top level one isn't needed since it's required again in *-initiate-session.

The actual dependency on j-console to do the work isn't that different
from when other org-babel implementations depend on nrepl or inf-ruby.
But as it's just a simple comint interaction, I could eventually
remove this dependency.


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