I have been using orgmode for the last couple of months, guided by Sasha 
Chua's blog, and the material I have found on internet.
Now I am started to be satisfied with my setup. But I there is one thing I 
would like to improve.

I would like to have people as first class citizens.

I want to easily add people to the appointment.
I want to be able to add people to tasks easily.
I want to track with whom I spend time with.
i want to be able to add people to meeting logs, with professional titles 
easily, and other selected contact information easily
I want to be able to mange the contact data centrally,so if I add a person to 
a task/appoinment I can easily get to his contact information.
I want to easily look up what I have ongoing with a specific person before I 
meet him to remind me if there is anything I should bring up to him.

Sacha speaks about BBDB but it does not not really seem to do what I want.
Julien Danjou have made contacts.el, might to be a better fit.

Does anyone have this kind of setup?
Or good pointers in how to set it up? I would be interested in learning Elisp 
if necessary to implement this.

Thank you in advance


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