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On 2014-04-30 20:17 Shin Sungmin wrote:
> But, how does it make it easier to assign a person to a task in my
> todo.org? Is there any type of auto complete functionality?

You have the function org-contacts which helps you search through your
contacts. From there you can quickly jump to the contact you want to
link, store a link to that heading `org-store-link' and insert that link
in your todo.org with `C-c C-l' and then `M-p'.

> Do I have to make a manual link to the people.org file instance to be
> able to easily access that persons contact information?

In essence this is just a plain old manual org link to the right
headline in person.org. The procedure described above is not very

You may want to take a look at helm. Its a completion and narrowing
framework, something a bit like ido, but way more powerful. There is a
plugin for helm that lets you search/complete/narrow over the headline
of an org-file. It might even offer to execute certain actions on said
headlines such as creating and inserting a link to them.

I just heard of said plugin, but never used it. If it does indeed have
described functionality it would make linking to a contact as simple as
pressing a key binding (launching helm on people.org) typing a few
characters to narrow to the contact you want to insert and press enter
to insert said link.

Alexander Baier

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