Vikas Rawal wrote:
>>  1. Indentation of the first line of an element should be, when
>>     applicable, relative to the /first line/ of the element before.
>>     Therefore, in the following example
>>         Some long paragraph
>>       with multiple line
>>       XAnother paragraph
> It is almost surely something that you must have thought of. 
> You seem to be using X as a special character. What if a paragraph
> starts with X? Would you want to use a double X?
> It does not seem very elegant to use X. Would it break ispell? Can we
> have a space between X and the actual first word of the paragraph (as
> we do with *s for headlines and -/+ for lists)? And could one use
> another character?

IIUC, you miss the legend "X = position of cursor"...

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Sebastien Vauban

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