Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:
>> Hello,
>> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>>> Wish I was competent to actually review this, but... In lieu of that,
>>> I'd be happy to run it and report errors. If you think a separate
>>> testing branch is warranted, that might be an idea. Otherwise I'd say
>>> let it drop and we'll pick up the pieces :)
>> You can create a local branch in your git repo and apply the patches
>> I sent (be sure to use the second version of the first patch) there.
>> I can certainly wait for your feedback. If it turns out to be mostly
>> good and no one objects, I will then apply the patches and fix the
>> remnant issues on master branch.
> Hi Nicolas,
> Right now I'm seeing breakage with `org-set-property' -- this only
> happens on the indentation patches branch. Adding an EXPORT_AUTHOR
> property with that command, value of "asdfadsf", gives me this:
> * Test Heading
>   :EXPORT_AUTHOR: asdfasdfnil        nil
> Extra blank nil, spurious "nils", and no :END:
> I'm starting dinner and won't be able to go spelunking right now. I'll
> get to soon, if you aren't seeing this, or don't sort it out first.
> Eric

Specifically, in this section of `org-indent-line':

(when (eq type 'node-property)
               (let ((column (current-column)))
                   (looking-at org-property-re))
                 (replace-match (concat (match-string 4)
                                        (format org-property-format
                                                (match-string 1)
                                                (match-string 3)))
                                t t)
                 (org-move-to-column column)))

Those match-string calls toward the end both return "nil", and the
"nil"s get inserted directly into the buffer. I tried this with a
minimal setup (load-paths only, and a blank Org file) and could


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