I'm wondering if someone could tell me if this idea is impossible. I'm
trying to find a way to leverage org-tables in a document containing
lilypond markup for a piano part such that both staves occupy the same
line, visually (instead of the lefthand notes occupying the top of the
doc and the righthand notes occupying the bottom). Right now I'm
accomplishing this with a vertical split in the buffer, which works, but
is clunky. I'd love to do something like:

left hand         | right hand          | measure
a16 b c d e f g a |  a8 <b d f> e4~      |  %m1
<c e gs>4 a8 g    |  <e g c'>4 <g d b>   |  %m2

et cetera. This is easy enough to lay out in org mode, and it would look
terrific, but I can't imagine how to accomplish it such that the
lilypond markup would respond correctly to ly-tangle without bracketing
every cell in #+BEGIN_SRC LILYPOND #END_SRC (and even then, I doubt what
would happen.)

Maybe the answer is "You just have to get used to the way things are,"
which is fine--even that would at least get me thinking about other

Thank you!
Steven Arntson

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