Steven Arntson <steven <at>> writes:

> I'm wondering if someone could tell me if this idea is impossible. I'm
> trying to find a way to leverage org-tables in a document containing
> lilypond markup for a piano part such that both staves occupy the same
> line, visually (instead of the lefthand notes occupying the top of the
> doc and the righthand notes occupying the bottom). Right now I'm
> accomplishing this with a vertical split in the buffer, which works, but
> is clunky.

I'm quite sure you'll have to write custom emacs-lisp for this.

I'd suggest not using tables, though. It looks fine when
you have only notes, but as soon as you need an override
(and, in piano music, you *will*, sooner or later), the table
will become very wide and you'll lose the advantage
of seeing both columns at once.

I'd probably use plain lists, one item per staff. You could
even nest lists for passages of temporary polyphony:

** Bar 1
   - ... right hand notes...
   - Poly
     - ... left hand voice 1 notes...
     - ... left hand voice 2 notes...

It'll take some extra lisp code to parse all this, but it
could work. I have a sneaky feeling, though, that more
complex notation requirements may become


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