Perhaps you are doing cutting edge stuff that no one has even
considered before, which is great.
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On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 6:27 PM, Steven Arntson
<> wrote:
> I'm wondering if someone could tell me if this idea is impossible. I'm
> trying to find a way to leverage org-tables in a document containing
> lilypond markup for a piano part such that both staves occupy the same
> line, visually (instead of the lefthand notes occupying the top of the
> doc and the righthand notes occupying the bottom). Right now I'm
> accomplishing this with a vertical split in the buffer, which works, but
> is clunky. I'd love to do something like:
> left hand         | right hand          | measure
> ------------------+---------------------+----------
> a16 b c d e f g a |  a8 <b d f> e4~      |  %m1
> <c e gs>4 a8 g    |  <e g c'>4 <g d b>   |  %m2
> et cetera. This is easy enough to lay out in org mode, and it would look
> terrific, but I can't imagine how to accomplish it such that the
> lilypond markup would respond correctly to ly-tangle without bracketing
> every cell in #+BEGIN_SRC LILYPOND #END_SRC (and even then, I doubt what
> would happen.)
> Maybe the answer is "You just have to get used to the way things are,"
> which is fine--even that would at least get me thinking about other
> problems.
> Thank you!
> Steven Arntson

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