Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Eric S Fraga <> writes:
>> The old behaviour was not consistent in the sense of captions for
>> different objects being placed differently but the behaviour was
>> "consistent" with what is recognised as best practice in typesetting:
>> captions below figures and captions above tables.  However, I agree with
>> the desire for complete control.
> If this is really considered as best practice (would you have
> a reference about it?), we really should consider making it the default.
> Reading the thread, it seemed to me that it wasn't as universal.

It's discussed here with some references:

I took a quick looks as some different journals for which I have
articles with both tables and figures on my computer.  7 had the
configuration table captions above and figure caption below.  One had
both captions above.  One had mixed figure captions (some years above
some years below).  So for sure table captions should be above.
Probably figure captions should be below.  It makes sense.

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