On Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014 at 18:47, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
> Hello,
> Eric S Fraga <e.fr...@ucl.ac.uk> writes:
>> However, I think it would make sense to make '(table) (at least) the
>> default for captions above to have some form of backward compatibility?
>> The change caught me by surprise...
> If we change `org-latex-caption-above', then it will no longer match
> `org-latex-table-caption-above', which will introduce another class of
> backward compatibility problems.

Hi Nicolas,

I don't actually understand you.  All I know is that I had nothing set
explicitly anywhere to do with captions and, all of a sudden, the
behaviour has changed.  This seems wrong.  If I understand things
correctly, a new variable has been introduced to control behaviour that
previously was implicit.  By introducing this variable, the default
(previously implicit but now explicit) behaviour has changed.  

But it's a not a big deal (to me) as I have now set the variable and I'm
back to where I was.  So I'm happy to have things as they are now if
that's deemed to be better overall.

: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs, Org release_8.3beta-475-g25d50e

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