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2014ko urriak 5an, Nicolas Goaziou-ek idatzi zuen:
> Hello,
> James Harkins <jamshar...@qq.com> writes:
>> Something like that would do it, I think. I hesitate about breaking
>> backward compatibility, but at the same time, I'm hard-pressed to
>> imagine why one would want captions to be differently placed in the
>> same document.
> This wouldn't break compatibility. We would just mark
> `org-latex-table-caption-above' as an obsolete alias for
> `org-latex-caption-above'.
>> I suppose, if somebody needs to move a caption to the top or bottom
>> overriding the default, it could be an attribute, hypothetically:
>> #+name: blah
>> #+caption: blah blah
>> #+attr_latex: :captionpos t
>> #+begin_figure
>> ...
>> #+end_figure
>> "t" would put it at the top, ":captionpos b" at the bottom and
>> ":captionpos nil" (or not specified) would use the default from the
>> configuration variable.
>> Reasonable?
> I don't think we need to go that far at the moment. Implementing
> `org-latex-caption-above' is a reasonable start.
> I add it to my ToDo list.

There’s at least some notion in the Latex community that captions atop
tables but below figures is sensible style:

In that light, does it make sense to instead implement this setting as an alist
with separate settings for tables, images, src blocks, etc.?  (Of
course, there could be separate variables
org-latex-{table,figure,src-block}-caption-above, but a single alist
seems simpler)


Aaron Ecay

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