Thanks for this. You have

  [fn:1] footdef1[fn:2]

  [fn:2] footdef2

What do you expect to see in ODT? Presumably not a footnote in a
footnote, since LibreOffice doesn't allow you to place one.

An ODT cross-reference to the footnote? That makes sense, but should
that be achieved by footnoting inside a footnote, or is the appropriate
thing to do to use a dedicated target and link?

  [fn:1] footdef1, see also [[thatotherfootnote]].

  [fn:2] <<thatotherfootnote>>footdef2

That seems to works nicely e.g. in HTML export.

But I get an error message when I try it in ODT export (OpenDocument
export failed: number-or-marker-p, nil -- can't be more detailed at the
moment because my debugger doesn't seem to work correctly).

So either way, there seems to be something that needs fixing.


Vaidheeswaran writes:

> The attached file, when exported to ODT fails to open in LibreOffice
> exporter.  The reason failure is that the exported __XML__ file has
> "nested footnote definiton" i.e., a footnote definition within a
> footnote definiton.  In concrete terms, there is some confusion wrt
> the return value of `org-export-footnote-first-reference-p'.
> (Hint: Start with `org-odt-footnote-reference'.  If my hunch is right,
> the `org-export-data' invocation there may also need a fix).
> I will be happy to circulate a patch to ox-odt.el.

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