Vaidheeswaran <> writes:

> What changes need to be made in ox.el and/or ox-odt.el so that the
> snippet I shared produces the right XML acceptable for LibreOffice.
> text1 [fn:1]
> text2 [fn:2]
> [fn:1] footdef1[fn:2]
> [fn:2] footdef2
> For purposes of ODT backend, we need to find the 'site of first
> reference' THAT IS OUTSIDE OF A foonote definition.

I think the following should work

  (defun org-odt-footnote-first-reference-p (footnote-reference info)
    "Non-nil when FOOTNOTE-REFERENCE is the first one for its label.
  INFO is a plist containing current export state.  Unlike to
  `org-export-footnote-first-reference-p', this function ignores
  footnote definitions.  As a consequence, it assumes that for
  a given label, there is at least one footnote reference outside
  any footnote definition in the document."
    (let ((label (org-element-property :label footnote-reference)))
      (or (not label)
          (eq footnote-reference
              (org-element-map (plist-get info :parse-tree) 'footnote-reference
                (lambda (fn) (and (equal (org-element-property :label fn) label)
                info t 'footnote-definition)))))

> Would it be possible for you to augment the API so that I can request
> such a reference.

I'd rather not change the API, as this makes an unnecessary assumption.
Note that `org-export-get-footnote-number' also assumes the same. E.g.

  text1 [fn:foo]

  text2 [fn:quux]

  text3 [fn:bar]

  [fn:foo] footdeffoo[fn:bar]

  [fn:bar] footdefbar

  [fn:quux] footdefquux

> NOTE: The XML that is emitted by the ODT exporter, suggests that the
> '[fn:2]' occurring in '[fn:1]' is treated as site of first reference.
> We would like to make '[fn:2]' occurring next to 'text2' be treated as
> the site of first reference.  If we do that, everything will be just
> right.

If the function above works for your use case, I'll install a patch in


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