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Christian Moe<m...@christianmoe.com>  writes:

An ODT cross-reference to the footnote? That makes sense, but should
that be achieved by footnoting inside a footnote, or is the appropriate
thing to do to use a dedicated target and link?

   [fn:1] footdef1, see also [[thatotherfootnote]].


That seems to works nicely e.g. in HTML export.

But I get an error message when I try it in ODT export (OpenDocument
export failed: number-or-marker-p, nil -- can't be more detailed at the
moment because my debugger doesn't seem to work correctly).

This should be fixed. Thank you.

Not yet.  See attached files.


text1 [fn:1][fn:2][fn:3]

[fn:1] footdef1 [[fn-3]]

[fn:2] footdef2 [[See foonotnote 3][fn-3]]

[fn:3] <<fn-2>> footdef2

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