My next SNAFU involves mark-up text.

I'd like to be able to have a series of commands in my raw org file that I
can copy-n-paste into my shell window.  But I also like to export my org
files to HTML so that I can make ePubs and keep them in my iPad.

So while I strongly prefer the exported version of
- ~command1~
- ~command2~
- ~command3~
it's hard to copy-n-paste with the tildes in the way.

Unfortunately, this
- ~ command1 ~
- ~ command2 ~
- ~ command3 ~
does not mark up the text in my exported-to-html version.

And this
is just IMO ugly.

Is there something I can do, where I can get output similar to
- ~command1~
- ~command2~
- ~command3~
without the tildes blocking my text?


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