hymie! writes:

I think you are making the incorrect assumption that the machine on which I maintain my Org files is the same machine that I wish to execute commands on.

Yes, or that you can ssh to it.

If my commnds were all 8 characters long or less, it would be fine. Some of my commands look like this: While I admit that the "useradd" command is an extreme example, this becomes horribly ambiguous: adduser username -d /data/chroot/home/username -s /usr/bin/rssh -m -k /dev/null -g rssh pssh -x '-q -t -t' -I -i --hosts hosts_linux_rhel6 'sudo -S wget puppet/puppet/pub/system_patch.pl -O /usr/local/bin/system_patch.pl' < hostnamefile

You could add a \ at the end of each line that does not end the command.



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