"darc...@gmail.com" writes:
>However, if if I can ssh to a server called "myserver" I can change the
>code block to
>#+begin_src sh :dir /myserver:~/
>  hostname
>Now if I run the code block the code is executed in myserver and I get
>: myserver_host_name

That is a very neat feature.  However

>if I can ssh to a server called "myserver" 

I cannot.

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>> >hymie! writes:
>> >
>> >> I'd like to be able to have a series of commands in my raw org
>> >> file that I can copy-n-paste into my shell window.  But I also
>> >> like to export my org files to HTML so that I can make ePubs and
>> >> keep them in my iPad.
>> >
>> >> And this
>> >>
>> >> #+BEGIN_SRC
>> >>   command1
>> >>   command2
>> >>   command3
>> >> #+END_SRC
>> >>
>> >> is just IMO ugly.
>> It's not that the font is ugly.  It's that
>> * (in the epub) the source code appears in a box
>> * (in the html/epub) it's impossible to tell the difference between two
>> different commands and a single command that was too long and word wrapped
>> to fit in the box
>> * (in the html/epub) I can't have non-monospace comments between/attached
>> to/within the code without drawing four or five separate boxes around my
>> code
>> * (in the org file) For whatever reason, monospace code appears as a
>> light-gray font, which is hard to read against a white background.  I'm
>> sure that can be changed, but I haven't had time to figure it out yet.

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