Hi all, I'm trying to use EMANE to simulate a small swarm of robotic routers. 
I think I've figured out just about everything, except for how to use the 
external transport correctly.  I'm building on the tutorials by creating an 
LXC container for each robot, and having a control application run within the 
container that communicates over the EMANE network.  At least, that's the 
idea. I know I need to use an external transport so that each container will 
have an endpoint for my application to connect to, but I'm getting lost when 
trying to set the 'platformendpoint' and 'transportendpoint' keys on each NEM; 
I don't know precisely what each is for, so I don't know how to set them.  In 
every example that I can find, each NEM has both keys set.  In addition, every 
NEM's platformendpoint is different from any other NEM's platformendpoint 
(likewise for the transportendpoints).  What are they for, and how do I set 

Cem Karan

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