I have a custom shim that needs to be controlled dynamically runtime/and have 
information extracted from an external application as a separate process from 
EMANE proper. The custom shim is part of a configured EMANE emulation stack, 
but the data transfers would not be over the air to another peer NEM, but this 
traffic would exist between the external application and EMANE proper at 
perhaps the transport layer.

What are the best practices for allowing the external application to both make 
dynamic configuration changes to the custom shim executing as part of the
EMANE framework, as well as extracting information from this custom shim?

In the downstream direction from external application to custom EMANE shim, I 
assume that a starting point might be to define custom messages using the 
Protobuf/serialization methods native to EMANE messaging, and then create a 
handler in the processUpstreamControl method to act as a destination/recipient 
of the control message.

EMANE has examples of perhaps something similar for downstream messaging with 
transmitter control, frequency control, time stamp messaging, etc.

In the upstream direction from custom shim to external application, I suppose I 
could use the "poll" method similar to the OpenStatistics or OpenTestPoint, and 
have the external application pull the information from the shim over a network 

But what about a upstream push operation, where the shim would push content to 
the external application rather than having this information requested or mined.

Does that simply require the converse to the downstream direction, where the 
external application would need to establish some form of listener to the 
serialized Protobuf content?  This external application could use some of the 
EMANE libraries and will be coded in C++.

The control information could travel as part of data plane traffic to the 
external application, but may not have a one to one relationship with data 
plane traffic.

I would prefer an approach that is consistent with the EMANE framework's 
implementation and design.
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