On 01/07/2017 02:42 AM, John Morris wrote:
> I've been asked about some seemingly unintuitive behavior:  the max
> velocity slider is not applied to rotary-only motion.  You can try this
> yourself by running the `axis_9axis.ini` config, setting the max
> velocity slider to zero, and noting rotary axes still move after e.g.
> `g0 a180 f40`.

So, I now have a proof-of-concept branch that plumbs a max angular 
velocity from the UI to TP and back.  Similar to max [linear] velocity, 
it uses units (degree)/minute.  In the Axis GUI, it's easy to scale max 
angular velocity proportionally to (max 
[DISPLAY]MAX_ANGULAR_VELOCITY.  The plumbing involves adding extra args 
or fields to existing functions, structs and NML messages related to max 
velocity, so when one is set, the other is always set at the same time.

However, I'm leaning away from submitting the changes for mainline 
inclusion.  My heart isn't really in this one, and I'm not feeling the 
passion for doing what it takes to ready it for GA (sincere thanks to 
Norbert for offering to do the gmoccapy integration!), although I'm 
happy to push it somewhere if anyone's curious.  Thanks again for all 
the replies.


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