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> can i ask for a way to write a new firmware to get yaskawa absolute encoder.
> So first of all, i need a way to confirm the data i send is true. i assume
> i can use combo 5i25-->7i74--> converter rs-485 to rs-232 ( or usb) --> pc
> to debug in terminal. After that i will write a new firmware base on old
> firmware

I assume that you are talking about using Mesa cards, and writing a
new firmware for those.

There is existing firmware for some absolute encoders with driver
support in LinuxCNC:
(SSI, BiSS and Fanuc)
Serial Interface (SSI)

As well as modifying the firmware you would also have to add the HAL
layer support to the Hostmot2 driver:
(I note that I forgot to update the file comments after I had added
the BiSS and Fanuc)

The Mesa firmware module for the Fanuc absolute encoders  is here:

A Yaskawa module for Hostmot2 and HAL would be a very nice addition to

There is an alternative option which swaps a software problem for a
hardware problem:
The STMBL servo drive connects to LinuxCNC via a Mesa card using smart
serial (so could be used in place of your RS-485 to RS232 converter in
the hardware you outlined above)
You could either use it just as a Yaskawa to Smart-Serial converter or
utilise it as the servo drive for your system.

The STMBL firmware is written in C rather than VHDL so is probably not
directly usable in a Mesa firmware module.

I have lots of unpopulated circuit boards, but assembled drives or
populated boards are rather rarer. (I had a batch of 50 made, but they
are all allocated to recipients).

If you are needing a lot of boards then I can put you in touch with a
company in China who have all the files and can make populated boards
(less power semiconductor) for £50 a board in batches of 50.

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