Hi EMC developers,

can i ask for a way to write a new firmware to get yaskawa absolute encoder.

My knowedge is limit so i cant find the way by myself therefore i need a
little bit help.

The yaskawa abs_encoder is a serial abs_encoder but it's using quadrature.
>From the the yaskawa document below, i see each phase is each channel
rs-422. To read this data i need a new firmware for another baudrate and
data format.

So first of all, i need a way to confirm the data i send is true. i assume
i can use combo 5i25-->7i74--> converter rs-485 to rs-232 ( or usb) --> pc
to debug in terminal. After that i will write a new firmware base on old

Is this right?

Lê Thắng
Phone: (+84) 1222443855
Email: lethang12...@gmail.com

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