Hi John:  


I assume the power is distributed more-or-less evenly throughout the garment.  




(Be sure to click on the blue “placement” near the bottom of the page and the 
subsequent pages.)


If this describes the way the garment heater works, then the quoted standards 
don’t apply very well. I would need to know a bit more about how the heater 
heats the garment to give you advice.


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From: John Allen <jral...@productsafetyinc.com> 
Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2022 8:18 AM
Subject: [PSES] Wearables and UL 62368 vs UL 964 Electrically Heated Bedding




I hope everyone is well and happy 😊.


I’m hoping I can get some input on my thinking for a heated garment powered by 
a battery pack.


1.      The heater is insulated.
2.      The fabric it is in contact with is combustible.
3.      The circuit is PS2 – 16W
4.      I read UL 62368 Clause as the fabric must not ignite under a 
single fault and it must be UL 94VTM.  Am I correct?


Also, in researching other “fabric” products, I found UL 964 Electrically 
Heated Bedding.  Following is a summary of how they manage fabric and heating 
elements – 


1.      Sec. 6 Covering of Electrical Parts – All electrical parts shall be 
covered (except the connector attached to the bedding) with a “shell” or other 
fabric with no openings.
2.      The heating element shall not be in direct contact with the shell.  It 
shall be insulated with UL AWM.
3.      There shall not be any sharp edges in contact with the shell.
4.      There is a very elaborate flammability test on the shell.  Wash it in 
special soap, let it dry then flame test it.  It does not seem equivalent to UL 
94 testing.
5.      There’s also an “Ease of Ignition” test with a hot plate.


Is UL 62368 missing some requirements in regard to Wearables that are made of 

Wearable Technology Standards:

*       Wellness or Non-Medical Wearable: IEC/UL 62368-1



I would appreciate any input you can provide.


Best Regards and Be Safe,





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