Greetings all;

I just had a heck of a day.  That round bar of alu fell out of my mailbox 
the middle of the afternoon, so I thought I would get started on cutting 
out that custom timing sprocket hub.  Sawed off the length I needed 
(first cut on my repaired bandsaw, cut nice) and chucked it up on TLM.

Spying a well worn boreing bar about the right size in the stuff I got 
with the Sheldon, I clamped it up good and tight in a tool holder & 
adjusted everything to center it, started TLM at about 200 revs and 
marched into the end face, intending to bore straight in to the depth it 
would take to clear the nut on the near end of the X drive shaft. 
Pecking by hand, I was getting a nice coil of alu cuttings for about the 
first half inch, then it twisted itself out of the holder.  Repeat 3 
more times.  Gotta be a better way, spied the little QC's boring bar 
holder & moved the tool to it, tightening its clamp screws to about 1/8 
turn from stripped.  Hung it up and spun it out of the holder, polishing 
the but end of the bar rather nicely.  Repeat a couple times, with stops 
in between to sharpen it with one of those 1.75" Dremel diamond wheels.  
Same story, spun it in the holder 2 more times, gave up and put a 3/8 
drill in the holder.  That worked for a starter hole and the bar then 
ran in and tried to uniform the hole, looking decent but taking a much 
wider chip after it got into the drilled portion.  So I think I can 
write some code in the morning to finish those two bore jobs.

So what I am looking for is a bb holder that will work with the smallest 
QC holder.  And will hold it solidly in the face of a 1 horse motor's 
solid torque.

Ideas welcome.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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