On 9/23/16 12:02 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings all;
> I just had a heck of a day.  That round bar of alu fell out of my mailbox
> the middle of the afternoon, so I thought I would get started on cutting
> out that custom timing sprocket hub.  Sawed off the length I needed
> (first cut on my repaired bandsaw, cut nice) and chucked it up on TLM.
> Spying a well worn boreing bar about the right size in the stuff I got
> with the Sheldon, I clamped it up good and tight in a tool holder &
> adjusted everything to center it, started TLM at about 200 revs and
> marched into the end face, intending to bore straight in to the depth it
> would take to clear the nut on the near end of the X drive shaft.
> Pecking by hand, I was getting a nice coil of alu cuttings for about the
> first half inch, then it twisted itself out of the holder.  Repeat 3
> more times.  Gotta be a better way, spied the little QC's boring bar
> holder & moved the tool to it, tightening its clamp screws to about 1/8
> turn from stripped.  Hung it up and spun it out of the holder, polishing
> the but end of the bar rather nicely.  Repeat a couple times, with stops
> in between to sharpen it with one of those 1.75" Dremel diamond wheels.
> Same story, spun it in the holder 2 more times, gave up and put a 3/8
> drill in the holder.  That worked for a starter hole and the bar then
> ran in and tried to uniform the hole, looking decent but taking a much
> wider chip after it got into the drilled portion.  So I think I can
> write some code in the morning to finish those two bore jobs.
> So what I am looking for is a bb holder that will work with the smallest
> QC holder.  And will hold it solidly in the face of a 1 horse motor's
> solid torque.
I am no expert but I know on my 14" lathe that many of my boring bars 
have flats on one side that keeps them from twisting in the tool 
holder.  With these I am more likely to spin work in the chuck than the 
tool holder.
How is the wife doing?  I lost my first one to Cancer about 4 years 
ago.  That interrupted my self taught machining for a while.
Good Luck
> Ideas welcome.
> Cheers, Gene Heskett

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