On 08.10.16 11:40, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 08 October 2016 06:35:55 Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > Erik
> > (Just back an hour from ten days on the farm, making sawdust.)
> Making your own building material?
Sadly not, just more trailer loads of firewood for here in town, out
there, and for my SIL since my younger brother succumbed to brain cancer.
With the cost of electricity climbing steadily, and the greenhouse
consequences of burning coal to make it, the benefits of heating with
solar energy stored in woody lumps are very attractive.

But I did score 3 good Blackwood logs here in town today, as we cleared
the street of trees felled by yesterday's severe storms. (From my
windows I saw three 1 metre thick treetops/limbs snapped at up to 30m
from the ground, and plummet to a resounding crash in the gully on the
other side of the road. Three houses were hit by other trees, one losing
all the bedrooms and a bathroom. The butt log of the Manna Gum which
fell on another house is nudging 1.2m (4') in diameter. All serious
clean-up tasks.) The neighbour on the other side had 2 trees fall on his
house, and one on the carport. On top of that, the street was blocked by
trees on both sides of his driveway. Clearing the Blackwood at least
gave him one exit path. We were lucky to have power back on within a
day, as there are over 2000 trees down and over 360 power line hits in
the district. I cooked a little on top of the wood heater last night, by
the light of a handful of candles.

The Blackwood is much like Walnut, but is an Acacia. Dunno what I'll do
with it, exactly, but it would be a crime to let if go for firewood.
I just have to quarter the logs before they split to uselessness, then a
use might come along.

The 3' circular blades my dad used on the swingsaw when cutting
fenceposts and (roadside) guideposts, were bought in, but he had a rig
for gulleting when sharpening shrank the teeth too much. When I need
planks, I just take a couple of logs to a small sawmill. It's a lot
easier on the back. It makes me very popular with family members when
they see the stack in the shed.


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