Not trying to pester anyone. I am finally getting down to the actual electrical 
install and beginning to wire things up.

So I am going to need HALui and many of the other tools to sort out signals 

Just wondering if there is any vague idea as to when V2.8 will go mainstream or 
if I should just work with 2.7.x for now.

This is for my #2 Hurco, a 1987 KM3 Knee type with Quill Z axis. I will be 
using a 5i25/7i77 driving Randtronics/CMC ServoMate amps with Electrocraft 4 
brush servos with tach & encoder feedback.

Initially it should be fairly simple. X/Y/Z M3/M4/M5 M8/M9 with the actual rpm 
set by the hand crank Vari-belt drive and no rpm feedback. Once that is up and 
running awhile I will try to fix Hurco #1 OEM control - I never considered how 
much damage could be done by allowing the backup (BIOS) battery to go dead. 
Machine can't even read the OEM keyboard because it can't find the HDD to load 
the driver.

When Hurco #1 is back in the game we will go back and upgrade Hurco #2 adding 
gear tooth sensors, complete a full 4th axis, rig a stepper to preset the 
Vari-drive to nominal then allow a VFD to compensate for changing cutter loads. 
If things go really well I might even jump the shark and add a "W" axis powered 

I'm guessing that there won't be a last call for v2.8 until after the FEST but 
I was wondering if there was a wild guess in the back of someones mind as to 
when that might be.

And thanks everyone for your work!

Greg, out yonder in Colorado.

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