On Thursday 02 February 2017 09:35:52 dragon wrote:

> Kirk,
> I forgot to mention that I read somewhere online that it is actually
> common for the back gears to get broken on these lathes. It comes from
> user error. There is a threaded pin on one of the spindle gears that
> you need to engage and disengage. If you keep it engaged while you
> have the backgear also engaged both the belt and backgear try to drive
> the spindle shaft. That of course does not end well.

While I cannot see that it would do anything but lock itself and burn up 
the spindle drive belts on my Sheldon if it was turned on in that locked 
condition. With the OEM 3/4 horse, or this VFD driven 1 horse. But, it 
does seem to have a reputation for broken backgears.  I would much 
rather believe the chuck got stuck, and the desperate operator engaged 
both pin and backgear to lock it, then put a 2 foot crescent wrench on a 
jaw to unscrew it. That I can believe would overstress the teeth, if not 
outright break them. But who can say for sure when that may have 
occurred in the history of a 50+ year old machine that just followed you 

> While it is no longer produced, Grizzly still has the manual available
> for the model G9249 lathe. It is of very similar design.
> On 02/02/2017 04:50 AM, andy pugh wrote:
> > On 2 February 2017 at 04:03, Kirk Wallace 
<kwall...@wallacecompany.com> wrote:
> >> http://www.wallacecompany.com/old_lathe/
> >
> > Is there any makers name anywhere? The tailstock is rather
> > distinctive, but you could spend a long time on lathes.co.uk looking
> > for a match.
> >
> > it ought to be relatively easy to press new (steel) gears on to
> > replace the broken back-gears.

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