on my Graziano SAG 12 there is a similar spindle head with the camlock 
fastening system. I made a lot of additional bolts for different chucks 
and faceplates so I had all the parts in my hands quite frequently.
  The locking inserts (nuts or what you call them) in the spindle head 
are excentric in the middle and symmetrical so you can fasten the 
camlock either way, left or right. We are used to tighten clockwise, so 
I prefer this. The bolts are screwed loosely into the plate into 
randomly cut threads and only prevented from turning by an additional 
1/4" bolt, so it depends on chance just exactly how far they protrude 
when screwed in. (To show the desired position, they have a ring groove 
which is supposed to be about even with the faceplate's surface.) The 
excentricity of the nuts and the camlock bolts with their (weird) low 
pitch threads are designed as to tolerate this. Of course, there may by 
no means a gap between the spindle head and the plate. And when 
tightening, the wrench must come to a final position where no more 
movement is possible.


Am 01.02.2017 17:13, schrieb Kirk Wallace:
> On 01/31/2017 03:37 PM, Kirk Wallace wrote:
>> A lathe showed up on my doorstep (almost). A friend called up and said
>> "I've got a lathe in my trailer and I want to know if I can bring it by
>> today." I guess he knows me well enough to know that I could not refuse.
>> I have had it a couple of days and I took some time to scrape the first
>> layer of grime off of it and take some pictures.
> ... snip
> Another thing I'm curious about. I haven't used a D1-4 Camlock before
> and I can't seem to find information on how to use it. I did find the
> specifications:
> but mine is a little different than the one shown in the link above. The
> linked spindle shows the cam is just clockwise of the chuck pin puller
> hole. Mine is counter clockwise which suggests that the locking motion
> is different.
> Looking closer, the example chuck plate is like mine. The spindle
> picture suggests righty-tighty (clock-wise-tighty), the chuck example
> and my lathe suggest counter-clock-wise-tighty. Do D1-4 mounts go both
> ways? Also, I found information that the pull pins need to be adjusted
> so that the cams will detent when tight. Any help clearing this up would
> be appreciated.

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