On 07.03.18 05:45, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 March 2018 02:00:46 Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > To go in a collet, you wouldn't need the fat splined adapter to take
> > the die holder. I can take this one off as it's only held on with
> > grubscrews. Two of the four tap-gripping grubscrew holes can be seen
> > half way up the tap holder body.
> >
> And you intended to make one for every tap size you commonly use?

:-) That's why the adaptor for the die holder is only attached with
grubscrews. Four or five 1/2" holders, one for each tap that I use, then
drop in to one adaptor. And the holders are quick to make. (I have some
zero rake carbide tipped drill bits. Medium fine brass granules just
pour out the flutes of the horizontal drill in a golden river, without
any need to back out before it's done. And you can feed at a most
gratifying rate.)

I'll have to buy some larger brass bar for holders for 8 mm and up, or
just use steel, which isn't as much fun.


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