On Wednesday 07 March 2018 02:00:46 Erik Christiansen wrote:

> Hi Gene,
> Here's a posed pic with die holder removed for clarity, showing the
> Tap Hat aligned vertically by a centre drill. (Imagine that the chuck
> is still over a hole just drilled in a clamped-down workpiece, with
> the drill bit swapped for the centre drill for the next hole in a
> sequence, since it's more rigid and convenient than the longer drill.)
> You'll need to zoom in a bit to see the detail.
> To go in a collet, you wouldn't need the fat splined adapter to take
> the die holder. I can take this one off as it's only held on with
> grubscrews. Two of the four tap-gripping grubscrew holes can be seen
> half way up the tap holder body.
And you intended to make one for every tap size you commonly use?

> It may be that in addition to using the largest diameter for which you
> have a collet, using brass might increase grip, as the steel collet
> can impress its micro-roughness on the brass, even if only as elastic
> deformation, rather than slipping on a harder steel surface. (Pure
> theoretical mental-coggery, but perhaps worth the experiment.)

Note in that regard already made, just haven't verified it yet.

> Best of luck in avoiding expensive solutions.
> Erik

Looks interesting, and doable.  Thanks Erik.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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