On Wednesday 07 March 2018 06:57:58 Erik Christiansen wrote:

> On 07.03.18 05:45, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Wednesday 07 March 2018 02:00:46 Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > > To go in a collet, you wouldn't need the fat splined adapter to
> > > take the die holder. I can take this one off as it's only held on
> > > with grubscrews. Two of the four tap-gripping grubscrew holes can
> > > be seen half way up the tap holder body.
> >
> > And you intended to make one for every tap size you commonly use?
> >
> :-) That's why the adaptor for the die holder is only attached with
> grubscrews. Four or five 1/2" holders, one for each tap that I use,
> then drop in to one adaptor. And the holders are quick to make. (I
> have some zero rake carbide tipped drill bits. Medium fine brass
> granules just pour out the flutes of the horizontal drill in a golden
> river, without any need to back out before it's done. And you can feed
> at a most gratifying rate.)
> I'll have to buy some larger brass bar for holders for 8 mm and up, or
> just use steel, which isn't as much fun.
> Erik
I have an ER-40 kit that will pass a 7/8" rod, maybe even an inch, but my 
R8's quit at 7/8", so I just ordered 6 foot of 7/8" #360 brass rod. Now 
I need to round up grub screws, and some short 3mm cap screws as I am 
going to sacrifice a 7/8" R8 by grinding a notch in it for the head of a 
3mm cap screw seated deep. Since the R8 is pinned, why not pin the 
adapter?  And with 7/8" of brass, 3mm grub screws ought to get a decent 
grip on the taps butt for smallish taps. For bigger taps, increment the 
grub screw. Figure the grub screw diameter as close to the width of the 
flat w/o exceeding it.

Straight flute drill bits sound good too. But I've not acquired any of 
those yet. :( But they are on my wish list. And maybe add a couple 
lincurves and offsets to the mill, keyed to a home switch on the table 
that doesn't exist yet. That should keep me busy... Better yet, make a 
jig to bore the grub screw holes. I like that better, as this 4" table, 
even with a motor on it, is a P.O.S., with little or no ability to 
center a 3 jaw thats mounted on it.

Sitting here, watching the snow coming down in BIG flakes at a 45 degree 
angle, but not sticking yet as its 36F, I don't think I'll go see the 
Missus today as she just called and warned me to stay home. So I guess 
I'll go fix a bite, and call it breakfast.

Thanks Erik.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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