On 08.04.18 17:40, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Putting the final touches on a routine to tap a 4mm.70 hole, and geany 
> says it is saving the changes, by removing the red text for normal text 
> in its header bar, but I'm leaving the file open in geany, and going 
> back to lcnc, which also goes thru the motions of reloading the file.
> But neither less from a shell from here ssh logged into that machine, nor 
> LCNC on that machine loads the new code. Am I violating a file locking 
> rule?, or is it just plain time to reboot?  Or a file system bug?

Gene, first step is to do an "ls -l" on the file to check that the
modification time is up to the minute, either from "date" or the clock
on the desktop. Then you know whether it is a failure to write, or
LinuxCNC is not reading that file. (Gremlins don't give up unless you
corner 'em real tight.)

Last night I had a similar issue when changing a command line alias to a
shell function in ~/.bashrc. A shell variable assignment wouldn't take,
no matter how many times I sourced ~/.bashrc in the xterm. But when I
instead opened a new xterm, automatically invoking ~/.bashrc in a fresh
environment, it worked fine. Lesson: doubling up on ~/.bashrc can muck
things up in murky ways.


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