> In the midst of this, I would stay away from lead acid , you can find ev
> take out batteries reasonable on fleabay, I recommend nimh if you can find
> them as they require far less control than lipo . I have a xantrex 2 k
> modified sine inverter that works very well and has a 100 amp 3 stage
> charger that is top. I also have several surplussed apc backup
> uninterruptible power supplies that make nice clean power, I have several
> 3k and a few 5k supplies. 2k in solar with xantrex pwm charge control. I
> will upgrade to a Morningstar mppt in the future. I also have a Lister
> diesel I wish to use to drive a 555 jho alternator and regulated to 48 v .
> I have the stuff amassed and several components test but not installed, I
> try to gather a heap of parts then build. I will send a link to the Arduino
> based generator control if you are interested.
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